The Best & Only, Cydia Sources Manager for all jailbroken devices.

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CSources2 Features:

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  1. I wish more tweaks allowed for trial periods. I download pirated tweaks to get trial periods. If more tweaks allowed for trial periods in their official tweak I can tell you that I wouldn’t have the need for downloading pirated tweaks as I hate to pay for something before testing it out.


  2. Hi – any plans to recompile for 64-bit A12 (i.e. iPhone XS Max) for iOS 12? Please!? 🙏 Happy to donate something towards this – PayPal or Venmo to what address? Discovering CSources was such a game-changer (back on prev. device on 10.1.1) – I miss it now. Thx!


      1. Hows peogress going?

        Would love to get Csources2 for my iPhone 4, 4s and 5, but Cydia doesnt allow purchases.
        (And cracking seems a little unfair)

        Any means of being able to legally obtain the app in its current state at all?


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