Update History


  • bug fix, if toggling repo on/off while searching &on or &off, search would crash.


  • iOS 11.2.1 Support
  • iPhone 8, 8+, & X Support.
  • iPad 5th gen, Pro 10.5, & 12.9inch 2nd gen Support.
  • Added Features:
    • Check for Errors.
    • Dead or Alive.
    • Partition Info.
    • User Icons
  • Updated:
    • Search for Duplicates.
    • Edit Source.
  • Bugfix’s
    • Import Engine.
    • Refresh All Engine.
    • Search Engine.
    • Sort Engine
    • UI Engine


  • Chinese Localization’s.
  • Auto Lists update.
  • Enhancements / Improvements.


  • Main List can be sorted (beta).
  • Support for repositories in which the Origin &/or Label begins with @ symbol
  • Delete repo bug.
  • Enhancements / Improvements.

v600.1021-1 & 2

  • Install fixes.


  • iOS 10.2.1 Ready.
  • iPhone 7, 7+ Support.
  • Add A Source – improvements.
  • Auto Lists – Increased max list to 30.
  • Deleting a repo bug fix.
  • Package count added to default view.
  • Set as : New/Favorite/Dead  – bug fix.
  • Additional info added to Info View. (beta)
  • Follow last repository (settings).
  • Search= Quick Keyboard.
  • Refresh All – bug fixes.
  • Refresh All – speed improvements.
  • Malformed Line Corrections.
  • Duplicate Sources in Cydia via CSources2 source toggled on, now reports that the source is a duplicate and will not update Cydia with that source.
  • Import Friend – Ability to choose sources to import.
  • Info View – bug fix. Not able to open.
  • and a few more…….


  • iOS 9.3.3 Ready.
  • iPad Pro Support.


  • iOS 9.0.2 Ready.
  • Pesky critters fix…


  • Reconfigured do to 444, 442, 404 & iCleaner errors. Should work like a charm now.
  • Color Scheme missing Switch color:
    • goto App Colors, Choose, Reset.
  •  Load Color Scheme missing Switch color”:
    • Load- Color Scheme, add color to Switch ???, then save, replace.


  • bug fix, Some users Caches folder have been reconfigured by unknown app/tweak. This update returns your Caches folder back to its default of mobile:mobile… If you encounter the 444, 442 or 404 again, after installing this update, and it worked for a while, then stops again,, refer to an app/tweak which is causing the issue. If occurs again, you can reinstall the app, or install cs2.690fix from the beta repo: http://dirtybeans.github.io   cs2.690fix can be installed and uninstalled as many times as needed.
  • Also, iCleaner is removing the com.dirtybeans.CSources2 caches folder, and is also causing the errors,,
    Open iCleaner
    choose Excluded apps
    Select CSources2.
    I have emailed the dev for iCleaner about this issue. Hopefully it will be defaulted in its next update.


  • 40% faster.
  • Browser now adds repo if repo uses CSources2 url scheme.
  • Browser has been resized.
  • Delete source multi tap fix., no longer crashing app.
  • ForceIt bug fix.
  • Search functions = &on &off &dead &fav &new.
  • Sync Color Schemes
  • Theme ‘able, ie winterboard, in app etc. previous CSources2 settings may be reset.
  • Installed Cydia tweaks now work…. ie activator, custom keyboards, etc.


  • AutoLists: All On, Include/Ignore: Marked As Dead
  • Edit Source now displays if something is wrong.
  • iPad Air 2 bug.
  • Removing active source, also removes in Cydia.
  • Search feature.
  • Settings Page added.
  • Sync Devices iOS 7 & up via, AirDrop(beta), or Multiple devices.


  • iOS 8.4.1 Ready.
  • Backup now saves CSources2 preferences.
  • Clean page – long press a file to view via, in app if supported, or iFile, ?Filza if supported.
  • Edit source: Name, Address, via, Select a source, press “Edit”.
  • “Open In” Bug fix.
  • Refresh All Sources ( beta ).
  • Restoring now asks if you want to Apply to Cydia.
  • Send Backups – via Contact.
  • General Improvements & bugs.


  • Addresses an issue when updating CSources2, files were unnecessarily removed. If you are on any version prior to v-3 , Manually remove /private/var/lib/dpkg/info/com.dirtybeans.csources2.postrm before updating to 600.840-3. If the postrm file is not removed, then the fix will become active in a later version, as the previous/current version that is installed retains a removal command which forces a restore process after updating. I am deeply sorry for overlooking this.
  • If v600.840-3 & up is installed you will not have to remove the postrm file again, as it has been corrected & replaced by v-3 and will no longer remove needed files when updating.
  • More Info


  1. Import Cydia Re-written, supports improper .list files. Faster importing.
  2. Auto Lists can turn all sources On/Off with a press of a green/red button.
  3. iOS 6 Bugs, not all , but some.


  1. Bug Fix, Import Cydia & Import Friends would force a user to toggle all sources On/Off then back On to correctly enable sources in Cydia.


  1. Language Support
  2. Import Friends.
  3. FriendsList web link integration.
  4. iPad2 bug fix.


  1. UI Improvements.
  2. Auto Lists
  3. Import Friends
  4. Mark Source as New, Favorite, or Dead
  5. Sounds
  6. New Source On/Off setting.
  7. iOS 8.3 ready
  8. Bug Fixes


  1. iPad new install Crash fix.
  2. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. Added permission files.


  1. Import cydia.list. Located on the info page.
  2. Increased add repo address limit, when adding new repo.
  3. If adding new repo, and you misspelled, re-attempting now shows the address you attempted.
  4. Transition fix, for those still on CSources1.
  5. iOS 8.2.0 compatible.
  6. Prep for iOS 8.3 jailbreak/compatibility.


  1. Re-written from scratch. New look, New everything.

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